Berahthram's Letter of Introduction

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Berahthram's Letter of Introduction

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:23 pm

Você recebe esta carta logo na primeira visita dos Redcaps ao covenant. Ela está claramente endereçada a você.

Lendo a carta, fica evidente que apenas a assinatura pertence ao redator, o texto da carta foi copiado por um escriba profissional. O pergaminho em que foi escrito é de boa qualidade, mas não excepcional. O selo não é familiar, e certamente não pertence a um membro da Ordem.

Quanto ao conteúdo: lhe parece bastante intrigante.

Berahthram von Worms wrote:Salvete, magi et maga

First, allow me to introduce myself: I am called Berahthram von Worms. I have long worked as a procurator, and have served many conventa of the Ordo Hermei in such capacity. I am a more than capable administrator, with great experience in handling the day to day business of conventa, its turb and consortes.

It is, thus, as procurator that I write to you: my current conventum no longer requires my services and so the concilium has released me from my duties. With its blessing, I have begun looking for new employment, one that may make proper use of my skills, such as they are.

Alas, given my considerable experience, another position as glorified turb captain is beneath me; I will not be satisfied with such a menial existence. With this in mind, read on, for I have a quite ambitious and quite promising offer to make to you, young magi and magae.

First, some brief background information about the current situation of the Ordo which you might not be aware of. The Year of Our Lord 1220 (and previous years, also) has seen an inordinate amount of new magi pass their provocationes, maybe as many as 40. This effectively means that the hermetic population across all tribunalia is experiencing something of a boom. Rarely in its history has the Ordo seen such rapid expansion (the only possibly comparable period being the years following the Schism War). From what I've learned and witnessed during my years as procurator, the existing structure of the Ordo is insufficient: it cannot hope to take in so many new members in a few brief years. It has neither the magical nor the mundane resources to seamlessly incorporate this many new magi and magae. Vis sources could be strained, conventum governance and hierarchy upset, and peace with the mundani disturbed.

And this leads me to my offer, proper. I wish to help you, young magi and magae, found a new conventum. Now, there is nothing exceptional about this, new conventa are founded frequently, in all of the Tribunalia Hermei. But I dream of making this conventum something grand! One that can take in as many as 10 or 15 magi and magae, or maybe even more. One that can withstand the tests of time, one that can foster innovation both theoretical and organizational within the Ordo. A conventum that leaves its mark on hermetic history.

Mighty words coming from a mere mundanus, I am well aware. But understand that my not having the Ingenium does not keep me from being devoted to the Ordo and its future. Allow me, then, to "put my money where my mouth is" (as the peasants so often say). I have gathered information of several promising sites for conventa across several Tribunalia, from  Hispania to Sarmatia (and even Syria). These sites are rich in resources: great secrets of old traditions, powerful magical auras, and rich vis sources (as much as a half a queen per year!).

If you are of timid nature or faint of heart, please disconsider this offer. If not, then I eagerly await your response, and in it a confirmation of your interest in joining this great venture. Over the next couple of months I shall send you more letters with information about the tribunalia and the previously mentioned sites for the conventum. I also expect you to send an official letter of introduction, which I shall have copied and forwarded to your sodales, so that you may know a little about each other. The letter should go as all formal hermetic introductions go, and should also list some of your magical competencies and interests. Once all details are settled, and all parties have had time to study the relevant information, we shall meet in person.

It is customary, in Gallia, to have a tourney after all tribunal proceedings are finished. Foreign magi and magae may participate in the games and earn prizes (vis, summae, tractati) which might come in very handy for a new conventum. The entrance fee is 5 pedites of vis, which I just so happen to have.

The next meeting in Gallia will be held in the Year of Our Lord 1221, during winter. We shall all meet then, and make final preparations before setting off to our new conventum.

May the light of the Lord be with you,
Berahthram von Worm

Carta em pdf no Google Drive
Texto da carta no Google Drive, com links

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